Sunday, September 13, 2009

Foxk Fuzz DLX 3.5 - Pending Verification

Folk Fuzz Deluxe 3.5
Transistors are layout as what delivered: -
T1~ T3 = 2n2219A CAN package (T1,2 = 2n1306 ; T3 = 2n2219A on the schematic)
T4 = 2n2905 (To-92 package as delivered, Can / TO-92 can be used in with this layout).
D2, D3 are 2n914
D4, D5 are 1n4001
D2,D3 & D4,D5 are selectable clipper thru SPDT switch.

Fuzz knobs is B1M, preferably C1M according to the Bjorn.
Tone is A50K, Volume is B100K.